Waste2Go featuring in the Parliament Magazine


Waste2Go has been covered in the latest, GreenWeek Special edition of the Parliament Magazine (the policy magazine of the European Union and the Media for the whole of Green Week 2015 which is Europeís biggest and most important environmental policy conference). The provided coverage can be described by the following figures:

Above the normal distribution of the 2500 printed copies (one for all 751 MEPs plus for the European Commission, Council and the other EU Institutions) 3000 extra copies were printed to be distributed to every delegate who visit the three-day Green Week conference in Brussels between 3-5 June.

To top that there is the online readership at (currently 75,000 per month average page views)

The issue is available online here or the offline copy can be downloaded here. Please refer to page 60 for the one-page article about Waste2Go.

CPI's biomixer prototybe commissioned


The Biomixer developed at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), with a fill volume of 100 litres, overcomes many limitations of efficient feedstock hydrolysis through the application of a stainless steel horizontal drum containing a central shaft running along its length from which three radial paddles are attached. For detailed description of the novel design please refer to the press release on the subject.

Global LCA coverage


The LCA aspects of Waste2Go and the project in general will be presented at a number of high-profile international events over the course of the Fall 2014. First it will be on display in Wellington at the New Zealand Life Cycle Assessment Conference 2014 in September, then it will be featuring on the LCA XIV Conference in San Francisco organised by ACLCA (American Center for Life Cycle Assessment) in October followed by the Depo Tech Conference in Leoben, Austria in November. The combination of oral and poster presentations at these vents will provide an excellent opportunity to brief the professional community about the goals of the project and the methodology followed to achieve those aims.

First publications


The complex scientific task carried out in the enzyme labs of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences forming the backbone of Waste2Go have just brought their first published results in two internationally recognised, peer-reviewed journals. These publications are available at the Downloads/Publications section of the projectís website.

Public deliverable uploaded


The first public deliverable of the Waste2Go project has been finalised and uploaded to the project’s website. The main objective of D2.2 Waste profiling was to profile municipal solid waste (MSW) and waste management systems in the European Union (EU 27) and associated countries.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) conducted a thorough research using multiple sources of information (such as EC reports, data streams and expert knowledge obtained thorugh a series of interviews) on the following topics: regulation of waste management systems and waste legislation, waste management systems (collection, treatment and disposal), composition of MSW, variation of the biodegradable content of MSW, energy potential of biogenic waste (calorific value, methane generation potential), cellulose content of MSW, particularly of the biogenic content of MSW, inhibitors for microorganisms occurring in MSW and prices for disposal of MSW, so-called “gate fees”.

Please check out all the results by downloading the full report: