Centre for Process Innovation Ltd
Centre for Process Innovation Ltd; (United Kingdom)
The Centre for Process Innovation Ltd. (CPI) is a UK based SME technology development organisation and part of the first UK Technology Innovation Centre for High Value Manufacturing. Its Sustainable Processing Business Unit provides a variety of services ranging from small consultation projects to full pilot plant design, build, operation and optimisation. CPI is the project coordinator.
Universitetet for miljo- og biovitenskap
Universitetet for miljo- og biovitenskap; (Norway)
UMB is among the world leaders in understanding, developing and evaluating enzymes for conversion of polysaccharides in biomass, as documented by recent publications in top journals, including PNAS and Science. UMB will play a leading role in WP3, i.e. building up and evaluating the enzyme platform.
GW Butler Healthcare Management
GW Butler Healthcare Management; (United Kingdom)
G W Butler is a healthcare Waste Management company based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. its Bow Beck waste processing facility utilises the unique Tempico Rotoclave (rotary autoclave) technology. Thermal and mechanical treatment within the autoclaves reduce the input volumes by at least 60% and the combined autoclave and advanced separation process can achieve in excess of 80% diversion from landfill. Butler will lead the Thermo-Mechanical Process work package (WP2).
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.; (Germany)
Fraunhofer-IBP are world recognised in the field of life cycle studies, they have helped develop industry standard LCA methodology, software (GaBi) and databases (eco-profiles). IBP will verify the full environmental, economic & social viability of Waste2Go to provide a net benefit compared to SoA waste management and chemical feedstock supply.
Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd
Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd; (Hungary)
Geonardo Ltd. is an environmental technologies firm based in Budapest, Hungary. Geonardo provides technical consulting services specialised in RES and EE applications and conducts feasibility studies and impact assessments, and implements targeted capacity building, institutional strengthening, and communication and dissemination actions. Geonardo will lead the Dissemination and Exploitation work package (WP9).
Feyecon Carbon Dioxide Technologies
Feyecon Carbon Dioxide Technologies; (The Netherlands)
Feyecon is a research performing SME and expert in the development of product and processes based on pressurised CO2. Their CO2 technology has been applied to diverse processes in extraction of natural products, precipitation of proteins and production of polymer foams, for products used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. FeyeCon will use its vast experience in determining theoptimum separation techniques of both the oligomeric fractions and also other valuable chemicals to enable optimum exploitation of their market potential.
Chemoxy International Ltd
Chemoxy International Ltd; (United Kingdom)
Chemoxy is one of Europe's largest providers of custom manufacturing services to blue chip petrochemical and speciality chemical companies. In addition, the company manufactures a range of environmentally friendly solvents which are used in the latest generation of paints and cleaning products. Chemoxy has the technical competences required to isolate and purify valuable products from the Waste2Go process.
Akzo Nobel N.V.
Akzo Nobel N.V. (The Netherlands)
Akzo is a Global Fortune 500 company and are consistently ranked as one of the leaders on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. Akzo recently outlined a strategic vision to become the world’s leading Coatings and Specialty Chemicals company, Akzo will be heavily involved in the chemical reaction of the oligomeric product streams which will be provided following the enzymic degradation of MSW.